Things to Think About

Think about:

What sort of party would your child like? Where? House, hall, garden etc. When? Date and Time. Guests, helpers and entertainment. 

3-4 weeks before the big day!

Once you have considered the above - Get Booking! If you are having an entertainer book early or check availability before booking a hall.

A good length of a party is about 2 hours - don't forget to give half an hour either side for setting up and packing away!

Send out invites - don't forget to ask if children have any allergies and ask for contact details as it saves time on the day.

1-2 weeks to go!

Think about food and other refreshments - keep it simple kids can be fussy eaters!

If you are having an entertainer for part of the party - have you got lots of games or music to play once they have left?

Last few days!

Ring anyone who hasn't replied to the invites, this will help you get an accurate number for food and games.

Create yourself a small checklist for the morning of the party - it's amazing how many people forget the bin bags or cake!

If the entertainer hasn't contacted you to confirm time and location give them a quick ring - make sure they know exactly how to get to your function!

Create name badges for all the children attending... your son/daughter will know who everyone is but you might not.

Check the battery in your camera or phone.

The big day!

If you have booked a hall get there in plenty of time. Get the birthday child involved so they feel important.

Set out food and decorate the hall, don't leave balloons on the floor as they can scare younger children when they pop

Put table out for presents.

Make the most of your helpers - it may be worth your time giving each helper an area to cover i.e. food, name tags etc.

Tie a balloon to the front of your venue - it will help everyone find you!

Enjoy yourself!

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